Let’s be clear from the start: flutter is good for a lot of things. However clarity and easiness of use of the navigation system isn’t one of this…At least it hasn’t been for me. Understanding the functioning and meaning of router, route, route info and navigation controller is key to correctly build an application. Even after that you still have a lot of boilerplate code to write down to put that knowledge to work.

So in my recent project I stumbled upon an amazing package from Milad Akarie: AUTO_ROUTE. The package can be found in the dart repository here and…


If you are developing an application you will probably use not one, not two but many enums in your code. Even though creating a class is always possible, nothing beats the simplicity of declaring a simple enum.

The objective of this article is to give you some suggestions about how to work with enums in Dart and Flutter and especially on how you can communicate with your database on a remote server or transform an enum to more complex types for the presentation layer.

I did not write everything in one single file in order to be pedagogic on the…

So I recently started coding an app in which I wanted smooth animations in some part of the app which were using the Bloc architecture with Felangel library.

I decided to give a go to the AnimatedSwitcher widget and I realized it was easy to miss few optimization that would make the transition as smooth as possible. In this tutorial we will build a simple application that swap between two Icons with different size (Please note that in the tutorial I use the same icon, but the idea is to be able to switch between any 2 widgets). What we…

Giovanni Accetta

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