A Complete Guide to a Scalable App in Flutter — Part 5— Theming and AppSettings — Dynamic settings and theming with Material 3 using Provider

Giovanni Accetta
13 min readNov 26, 2023

Hello, dear readers! If you’ve been following my guide on building scalable Flutter apps, you’ve now the basic stepstone to build any app. I finally found the time of writing part 5 which is one of my favorite: dynamic theming.

In today’s dynamic app landscape, maintaining a consistent brand identity isn’t just important; it’s the key to user engagement. With the surge in hyper-customization, allowing users to fine-tune themes and modes becomes a game-changer, enhancing the overall app experience and potentially skyrocketing user retention. 🎨✨ Picture this: your app, fully embracing dynamic theming, effortlessly adapting to the user’s preference. Contrast that with an app that clings to a single theme — imagine a user, deeply immersed in dark mode, only to be abruptly yanked into a glaring light mode when using an app that doesn’t support dynamic theming. It’s these subtle nuances that can make or break user experience. 🌙☀️

By the end of this article, our template app will have the ability to offer a customized experience to our user that fits their needs and their taste and obtain something that will look like this:

Recap of the guide so far:

  • Part 1 laid the foundation with an introduction to scalable app development in Flutter, focusing on Clean Architecture principles.
  • Part 2 delved into the Data Layer, where we learned about Repositories and harnessed the power of Service Locator using getIt.
  • Part 3 guided us through the UI Layer, where we used provider built the UI state management architecture embracing the MVVM pattern and understood the significance of contracts in defining interactions between layers.
  • Part 4 took us on a journey through complex navigation scenarios and responsive layouts, employing tools like flutter_adaptive_scaffold and go_router.

What to Expect in Part 5:

In this installment, we explore how dynamic theming can breathe life into your app, adapting its visual identity dynamically. Flutter, being a UI toolkit with a focus on…



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